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Family surprises Knez on his birthday

The first selected artist for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is Montenegro’s Knez. Yesterday, he celebrated his 47th birthday, where his family surprised him with a special Eurovision themed present!
Logically, Knez’s family hopes that he can take the trophy to Montenegro for the first time ever. That’s why they got him a cake with a Eurovision theme to it, including a sign saying ‘winner’. You can see the cake, which also states ‘Do pobede’ (‘To victory’) and ‘Srećan rođendan, ljubavi’ (‘Happy Birthday, love’), below!
It is yet to be announced what kind of song Knez will sing in Vienna, but he is working hard on finding the perfect song to score Montenegro’s best result in the contest ever. Knez stated that it has always been his dream to represent his country in such a big contest Sergej Ćetković currently holds the record for best Montenegrin, with his 19th place finish in 2013. None of Montenegro’s first five attempts made it to the final.
And here is the cake Knez received!
Cake Knez

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