Linda Martin open to Eurovision return

Irish Eurovision winner Linda Martin has revealed that she would be willing to compete at the contest once again – but only if she was joined on stage by Johnny Logan. After Johnny Logan won Eurovision twice as a singer, he wrote the winning entry ‘Why Me’ for Linda Martin, who has now told Irish press that she would “never say never” to representing Ireland again.
What Linda Martin would really want to happen, and what she believes the fans would also want, is a duet with Logan:

Believe it or not, for the hardcore Eurovision fans, the ultimate dream is Johnny Logan and myself doing a duet. Now that’s easier said than done, but of course I’d love to sing with Johnny, he’s a great pal of mine.

However, she added that not only would Johnny have toย write theย song, but it would have to be something special:

He has to come up with a song, and he’d have to write another stormer; something that’s going to walk right through.

Whilst both singers have retained a strong connection to the contest over the years, Johnny Logan has been repeatedly critical of Eurovision in recent years, but could his good friend Linda Martin persuade him to throw his hat in the ring? Only time will tell.
Meanwhile, an announcement of the songs that have made it to the 2015 Irish selection is due very soon.

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