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‘Walk Along’ presented

Dutch broadcaster AvroTros has revealed the song Trijntje Oosterhuis will sing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The song is called Walk Along.
During the show Gouden Uren on NPO Radio 2, commentator Cornald Maas and radio host Daniël Dekker already spoke about the song before its premiere. They said it was going to be midtempo to uptempo with a melancholic touch to it and both believed there may be a chance that Trijntje will compete for victory. About participating, Trijntje said she finally had the courage to do it and thinks it’s a great honour to represent your nation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The full song can be described as midtempo/uptempo with a dominating guitar to it.
Furthermore, Trijntje and Daniël Dekker spoke about her name for Vienna. Early rumours when she was announced as the Dutch artist for 2015 said that she would possibly go with the stage name Traincha. That name would be easier to pronounce for international press, listeners and commentators after Burt Bacharach (who Trijntje worked with on an album a few years ago) couldn’t pronounce Trijntje and suggested Traincha. However, Trijntje Oosterhuis will simply keep her own name for the Eurovision stage.
The Netherlands have been improving their latest Eurovision records in the past two years. After missing the final every single year from 2005 to 2012, Anouk defended the nation’s colours in Malmö in 2013 with her song Birds, which came nineth in the grand final. A year after, an ever bigger surprise was managed by the Dutch when country group The Common Linnets went from being a borderline qualifier to the runner-up of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 after the first rehearsals. Only Austria’s Conchita Wurst could beat Calm After The Storm.
Trijntje Oosterhuis obviously hopes to score a third consecutive top ten result for The Netherlands, but we’ll have to wait until May until we know where the Dutch entry will finish.
You can listen to Walk Along here:

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