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A Dal line-up complete

Hungarian broadcaster MTVA has revealed the final ten names for their national final, A Dal 2015. The first twenty names were revealed on Monday and Wednesday.
The ten revealed acts:

The previous twenty artists and their songs are:

In the full line-up, we see two former Eurovision entrants with Kati Wolf (2011) and Gergő Rácz (1997, part of V.I.P.), now part of Fool Moon. We also see some familiar A Dal contestants, with that same group, Fool Moon, returning after reaching the top four in 2014. Also Gyula Éliás, Saci&Böbe Szécsi, Bogi, New Level Empire, Heni Dér, Ildikó Keresztes, Ádám Szabó and Bálint Gájer return to A Dal once more.
The jury of A Dal will consist of the returning judges Magdi Rúzsa (singer at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007), Jenő Csiszár (radio and TV host) and Philip Rákay (programme director for MTVA). They will be joined by author/singer/designer Pierrot. He will replace Kati Kovács, who won’t return after being on the jury in 2014.
The shows for A Dal 2015 will take place on 24 January, 31 January and 7 February (heats), 14 and 21 February (semifinals) and the grand final on 28 February.

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