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SunStroke Project bid for Eurovision return

Fifty songs are in contention for the Moldovan place in the Eurovision line-up. A jury cut down 68 submissions to 50, after an open call for entries. Among those that have made the cut are former Moldovan participants, SunStroke Project who reached the 2010 Eurovision final with their distinctive entry that featured Olia Tira. SunStroke project have two entries on the longlist of 50.
Also featured are a stalwart of Ukrainian finals, Eduard Romanyuta and UK X Factor participant Kitty Brucknell, who’s giving her submission to the Swiss national final a second flogging.
Having made the initial cut using the recorded versions submitted to TRM, the Moldovan jurors will reconvene on 17 January, where the acts will perform live behind closed doors so that the finalists to compete in front of a live TV and studio audience can be selected.
The full list can be seen and heard at this link or via TRM’s Soundcloud page.


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