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Euroclub venue announced

One of the most important parts of the puzzle for fans traveling to Eurovision is the location of the Euroclub, a venue that for a fortnight transforms into a place to drink, dance and sing to all sorts of Eurovision madness. ORF has revealed today that the venue for this year’s partying will be the brewery Ottakringer Brauerei.
This year, however, Euroclub will only open its doors on the “second Sunday”, 17 May, following the opening ceremony. From 11 to 16 May, special evenings will be organised instead, in various locations in Vienna in order for accredited visitors to explore and enjoy the diversity of the Austrian and Viennese hospitality. Reportedly, Eurovision stars will have the opportunity to participate in spontaneous jam sessions.
The Ottakringer brewery has a long standing reputation as an important cultural spot of the city and looks back on a long series of events, festivals, concerts and live performances. ESC Executive Producer, Edgar Boehm, has stated that

There will be thousands of journalists and delegates in May in Vienna for the Eurovision Song Contest. We are offering them optimal conditions to make their stay unforgettable. That is why I am particularly pleased that we are able to organise Euroclub with the Ottakringer brewery, one of the top event venues in the city, which is located very close to the city hall.

Ottakringer from the inside / Andrej Dosek
Ottakringer from the inside / Andrej Dosek
ChristianWenckheim and Sigi Menz, from Ottakringer, have said that this is an extraordinary event and they are thrilled to being party hosts for all international artists as well as national and international journalists. They say that #BuildingBridges fits them perfectly, as they have been greatly involved with the many diverse characters that celebrate with them in Vienna in a variety of parties and concerts. As approximately 2,500 people are expected to be celebrating every day in one of Vienna´s most impressive event venues to sing, dance, share and have fun together, they say

We look forward to welcoming visitors from around the world with us and welcome the opportunity to help them experience the joy of life and hospitality of the Ottakringer brewery up close.

Ottakringer / Photo: Christina Karagiannis
Ottakringer / Photo: Christina Karagiannis
Being close to the City Hall, the Euroclub  will be, therefore, close to the Eurovision Village, thus concentrating most of the fan activities in places that are relatively close to each other.

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