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Participating artists announced

The national Lithuanian broadcaster LRT is filming the first selection show tonight thus revealing the participating artists. Most are familiar names that are coming back from previous selections. Here is the list of all 12 artists:
1. Liepa Mondeikaitė
2. Neringa Šiaudikytė
3. Edgaras Lubys
4. Vilija Pilibaitytė-Mia
5. Vaidas Baumila
6. Monika Linkytė
7. Reda Striškaitė
8. Milita Daikerytė
9. Jurgis Bruzga
10. Wilma La
11. Tadas Juodsnukis
12. “Rollikai”
Liepa Mondeikaitė who has started as a solo singer in the beginning of her career is now part of the girls band “Pop Ladies”. She has previously participated as a soloist twice and as part of “Pop Ladies” last year failing to reach the finals.
Neringa Šiaudikytė first gained fame in the first season of “The Voice of Lithuania” reaching the semifinals. Currently she is most known for being in an all-blond girls band “Naujosios Pupytės”.
Edgaras Lubys to most Eurovision fans is known as Amberlife with most successful entry “In Your Eyes” placing 4th in the National Final back in 2004. A rather controversial year it was for Edgaras as he was a televote winner but scored little with jury.
Vilija Pilibaitytė-Mia placed second last year to Vilija Matačiūnaitė. Mia transfomed “Take A Look At  Me Now” with huge success, but the song failed to win over Vilija’s “Attention” thus failing to get the singer to Copenhagen.
Vaidas Baumila is another comeback from last year placing 3rd after Vilija and Mia. Vaidas became familiar to public after he has taken part in a TV show “Dangus” in 2005 which was a popular music talent show.
Monika Linkytė has previously participated 5 times in the selection hoping 6th time will be the lucky one. Last year she came close to making the finals ending up 4th.
Reda Striškaitė is a jazz singer, to many seeming as an unknown, she has in fact participating in the national selection back in 2005 ending up 16th in the final.
Milita Daikerytė is a two-time 2nd placer in the Junior Eurovision selection. She took part in “The Voice of Lithuania” last year and was eliminated in the semi-finals.
Jurgis Bruzga is also not a newcomer when it comes to Eurovision as he has previously participated. He did not have much success with it previously, but is known as a solid vocalist to the general public.
Wilma La is perhaps the most mysterious participant. All that is known about her at this time is that she lives in Australia and came back specifically for the contest.
Tadas Juodsnukis appeared in the public eye when he took part in the show “Romeo & Juliet” looking to take the spot of the Romeo in the musical with the same name. He successfully won the role and went on to tour around Lithuania.
“Rollikai” is the only band in the selection. It is a 3-piece boyband comprising of 2 participants of “The Voice of Lithuania” and a professional dancer.
The airing of the show will begin in January.


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