Vienna 2015

Vienna is counting down for Eurovision

Earlier today, the official countdown to Eurovision 2015 has begun. A countdown tower has been installed at the Vienna City Hall square. With roughly over 130 days for the first semifinal and around 135 days for the Grand Final, the host city is in full swing the the preparations. The set up of the tower follows the creation of the Eurovision tram, which made “its first big TV appearance” during the broadcast of the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Concert on 1 January. The tower will also mark the centre of the Eurovision village, a meeting point and centre of activities for fans during the two weeks of the contest.
The eight-metre pillar will also serve another purpose. On January 26, when Copenhagen’s major will officially hand over to Vienna’s major and the draw for the semifinals will take place, the action will be displayed in the LED screens of the tower.
Here’s how the tower looks like:

© ORF/Günther Pichlkostner

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