Ildikó Keresztes: “This song is about the wonderful and colorful European Union.” [Interview]

In the weeks before A Dal 2015, we speak to the participants who are hoping to represent Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. First up, one of the leading ladies of the Hungarian music scene: Ildikó Keresztes! Hey Ildikó! First of all, congratulations  on being selected for A Dal 2015! How do you feel?
Ildikó Keresztes: I am really excited and happy to participate again in this competition.
X: You’re one of the biggest stars in Hungary. Does that status increase pressure on you for A Dal?
I: No.
X: Could you describe your music philosophy?
I: I am happy that my job is my hobby. The theatre and the music is my life. Therefore I can be myself on the stage. I am happy that with my talent I can make people happy.
X: Recently, you were in Sztárban Sztár (the Hungarian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar). You did a few brilliant performances there, but what was your own favourite in that show?
I: Pink , Gyula Vikidál, Fergie and Shania Twain.
X: It’s your second time in A Dal now, after doing rather well with Nem Akarok Többé Játszani, why did you decide to return?
I: Because the composer, Géza Pálvölgyi, respected me by choosing me to sing this great song.
X: How do you look back on Nem Akarok Többé Játszani?
I: I still think that the song itself should have been at final Eurovison contest. I am still singing the song at my concerts.
X: Could you tell us a bit about your song, Hazám Hazád Lehet?
I: . This song is about the wonderful and colorful European Union where there are no borders any longer and my country can be your home and your country can be my home.
X: What can we expect from your stage performance in A Dal?
I: We have not finalised the performance yet.
X: Just a bit of looking into the future. What do you expect from Eurovision if you win A Dal?
I: . I would be proud to be the artist from whom the world would know Hungary and the Hungarian music better.
X: Do you watch Eurovision regulary? What’s your favourite Eurovision song of all time?
I: Yes, I do. I have many.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
I: Enjoy the music, enjoy life and vote! would like to thank Ildikó Keresztes for her time and we’d like to wish her the best of luck in A Dal 2015! Watch her song, Hazám Hazád Lehet below!


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