Knez: “Eurovision is the greatest stage of European music and my dream is to stand on it.” [Interview]

At the start of 2015, spoke to Knez, the Montenegrin entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Read what he had to say about Eurovision below! Hey Knez! First of all, congratulations on being the Montenegrin entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015! How does that feel
Knez: Thank you Nick! Can you imagine the feeling when your dream comes true? Well, that’s the feeling I have. Eurovision Song Contest is amazing way to promote your music and meet new people.
X: You obviously have a big career in Montenegro, but for those people who don’t know you, could you introduce your music to us?
K: I am into regional ex YU music scene for about 20 years. My father, Mili Knezevic, was a musician and composer, so he introduced me to the first music notes. On my beginnings I was part of Montenegro band, which gathered the best musicians back then. My solo career started 1992. and since then I have released 10 music albums, music videos, had concerts and gigs, and performed at all regional and national music festivals. The music I sing is mostly pop, pop-rock. My first album name ‘’Kao magija” (Like a magic) was pop, while the latest album The magic of Balkans, is different music style I used to do. It’s very interesting change, more traditional sound from Balkans, let’s say it is urban ethno jazz, which sound shows cultural heritage of Balkan region and its countries.
But my next album that should be out in May 2015 is more in Mediteranian style, pop sound with little bit of rock. I believe that is the best genre for my sensibility. One of the song from my next album is Znam da nisi ona.
X: Could you tell us a bit about who you personally are as well?
K: I am guy who likes to travel, go out with friends, attend concerts and meet new interesting people. I do sports and trying to live healthy life.  And I like good international cuisine.
X: You’re a big name in Montenegro. Why Eurovision? How do you think Eurovision will benefit your career?
K: I make comparison with ESC with us musicians, like I do find interest of attendance to all athletes in Olympic Games or teams in World cup. Eurovision is the greatest stage of European music and my dream is to stand on it. Beside you promote your music, you also represent the country where you were born, where you’ve been raised, which is big part of you no matter where you live now. It’s is big honour and big responsibility withal. I believe it’s not enough just to show yourself there. You need to work a lot before Eurovision weeks, your PR and managing team should give you special support before the show, and know how to use that after Eurovision.
X: You have been in music for decades now. Why was 2015 the perfect year for you to do Eurovision?
K: True.  2015 will be the year of my professional maturity, followed by sound that fits me the best, which is pop with little bit of rock and Mediterranean touch, then crowned by Eurovision. Year before I had some private things that I needed to deal with, for which you need some time. Eurovision is amazing opportunity which gives you positive vibe if you know how to use it. But if you want to use it, you have to work hard, and give 100% of yourself, which you have to admit, we aren’t ready all the time. So 2015 is the right for me, and well deserved!
X: Obviously, Montenegro’s track record sadly only contains 1 qualification for the final, last year with Moj Svijet. What’s going to be your special ‘ingredient’ to qualify for the final again?
K: Moj svijet is great ballad, which place was definitely in the final. Since I do watch ESC every year, you can’t be sure which song will enter the final, and it happens that good songs don’t always go to the final. I believe that we are all the winners on ESC no matter of our position. We need to be happy that we are chosen by national broadcasters to represent them and our countries. But with a good song, I believe Montenegro will be in the final for the second time.
X: We saw that on your birthday, your family gave you a Eurovision themed cake. How did your family react when you told them you were going to Eurovision?
K: It was unusual but fun situation because when RTCG called and offered to represent Montenegro in 2015, only my manager and I knew that fantastic news and we couldn’t tell it to anyone, until television didn’t publish it first. So those days I couldn’t speak a word, and was so impatient, so close friends notices something was happening, but didn’t know what, but after all was published to media and audience, I was celebrating, getting calls day and night by family, friends, and neighbours, all congratulating me! It’s nice when you can share your happiness with people. And birthday cake was the sweetest ever 🙂
X: You’re one of the first artists to be selected for Eurovision. If you could now advice any other countries who they should send, which artists would you like to see in Vienna as well?
K: Maître Gims could be fantastic for France!
X: It was Christmas time a while ago! How did you spend your Christmas and New Year’s Eve?
K: I was in Belgrade, and it was snowing, so perfect mood for New Year’s eve. I spent it with family, in some cozy restaurant in old town.
X: What can we expect from you at Eurovision? A ballad, uptempo, midtempo? Perhaps a bit of folk to it? Or will you keep that as a big surprise?
K: Surprise 🙂
X: What are you most looking forward to for Vienna?
K: Memories for a lifetime! To make friendship, meet singers, Eurovision fans, share passion for music and life! To experience Eurovision stage with its live broadcast, work with best sound engineers, light designers, stage and video directors. I want to feel the atmosphere, positive vibe, visit Vienna and share my music with Europe!
X: We know you’re a Eurovision fan. What’s your favourite all time Eurovision song?
K: Euphoria by Loreen, For real by Athena, Satellite by Lena, I feed you my love by Margaret Berger and many more.
X: Finally, we’d like to thank you so much for your time and we’ll wish you good luck in the upcoming months! Do you have a message for the readers of
K: I wish all escXtra readers a Happy New Year, a lot of happiness! Hope to see you soon!
We’d like to thank Knez for his time and wish him the best of luck for Vienna! You can listen to Znam Da Nisi Ona, the song Knez mentioned above, below!

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