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Composers invited to Festival da Canção 2015

Portuguese broadcaster RTP have announced that they will, as expected, once again use Festival da Canção to select their entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The event will take place at the beginning of March.
RTP will use practically the same format as in 2014. Composers have been invited by the broadcaster to compose an entry and find the perfect artist for their song. Two things are however different: this year, only Portuguese composers will be invited. Last year, Croatian Andrej Babić and born Dutchman Jan van Dijck were among the invited composers, both reaching the final. The last time no foreign composers were represented in the Portuguese national final was 2007.
The second change is that twelve composers have been invited, contrary to last year’s ten. Further details of the competition have not been announced yet, but are expected soon.
Last year, Portugal was represented by Suzy and her song Quero Ser Tua. She finished in eleventh place in her semifinal, meaning that she didn’t qualify for the final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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