Spoon: “Our band was born from a friendship.” [Interview]

In the weeks before A Dal 2015, we speak to the participants who are hoping to represent Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Today, we speak to a newcomer in A Dal: boy band Spoon! Read what they had to say below. Hey guys! First of all, thanks for doing this interview! How are you, a short time before A Dal starts?
Spoon: We are very excited about this competition.Its one of our favorite shows which we always watched and now its fantastic that we can be the part of it.Just finished high school and now we have lots of opportunities in doing what we like the most.It’s to work in music industry.So now we work to be able to give people everything we got.
X: Could you introduce yourselves to us?
S: We’ve been playing together for 2 years now.We can find our favourites in every kind of music but we really like songs in acoustic versions and that’s what we like doing the most.
X: Who are your musical idols?
S: I think the best example would be The Beatles.They started like us.Young friends who wanted to make something big. It’s a fantastic dream to reach what they did and keep our friendships alive which was born in high school.
X: Where does the name Spoon come from?
S: We went to the same school and there we met a funny guy who would always say things without any reason.We didn’t want to give ourselves a “big name” we wanted it to be funny and friendly which can express our attitude to life and our music.This is why we asked this guy who came up whit this name in 5 seconds.
We still don’t know why…:D
X: Why did you decide to apply for A Dal?
S: Music is not working for us its something that makes us forget every little problems and just let us be happy.Our goal is to share the emotions what we feel when we play with everybody.Because happiness is only real when you can share it.
X: What’s the message behind your song Keep Marching On?
S: Our band was born from a friendship.We all loved music and slowly made a band.The message behind this song is that you can reach whatever you want if you have an emotional background behind you ,like in our case friendship.
X: What’s going to be your special ingredient to win A Dal?
S: We have a simple honest song,and we are going to perform it naturally.Its not in our plans to make a big show.We just one to make people forget everything for 3 minutes and feel like they were playing with us,like they were the part of the music.
X: Are you Eurovision fans?
S: Yes we are.We usually watched Eurovision.What we like the most in it is that we can meet different cultures,new singers and its like the whole of Europe comes together.
X: Do you have an all time favourite Eurovision song?
S: Sometimes when we have too much good to chose from, we cannot chose and this is what happening to us when we are asked to chose a favorite Eurovision song.
But we can clearly declare that we like songs and artists who give the world something new,something that we’ve never seen before.Eurovision is really good in it.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
S: I know that everybody has a period in life that she/he doesn’t want to forget.We want to take them back to those times to feel what they felt then for 3 minutes. would like to thank Spoon for their time and we’d like to wish them the best of luck in A Dal 2015! Watch their song, Keep Marching On below!

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