The Common Linnets win Popprijs 2014

Dutch Eurovision 2014 entrants The Common Linnets have received the 2014 Popprijs. The prize is meant for an act who meant the most to the Dutch music scene in the past year.

The prize was handed out at the Noorderslag festival in Groningen last night. The winners received a prize of €10,000 as well as a traditional ritual for the Popprijs: a beer shower from the audience. After receiving the award and the prize, Ilse DeLange, lead singer of The Common Linnets, stated that the prize was also for Waylon, who quit the group in June 2014.

One of the band members, JB Meijers (also known as the man with the guitar solo in Copenhagen), wins the award for the second time. His other band De Dijk won the prize in 2008. Other well known previous winners include Anouk (2001), Within Temptation (2005) and Caro Emerald (2011).

It is the first time ever that a Dutch Eurovision entrant wins the prize for the year they entered Eurovision Song Contest in. Now who would have expected a Dutch Eurovision entrant to be awarded for being the most meaningful act to the Dutch music scene in the year of entering the Eurovision Song Contest? Only a mad man would’ve expected that in 2012…

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