MDC: “We think this song can help people stay strong.” [Interview]

In the weeks before A Dal 2015, we speak to the participants who are hoping to represent Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Today, we once again speak to a newcomer: MDC! Read what they had to say below! Hey guys! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?
MDC: Hi everybody we are the MDC. Dániel Kiss on guitar, Botond Lapis on guitar/vocals and Miklós ‘Maykee’ Bátori on lead vocals.
The music group was founded in 2013. Me (Maykee: my name sounds like if you say Mikey 😀 ) and Dani met on the University of Óbuda, where we studying electrical engineering. Our Producer (one of the writers of the song Maniac) Attila Fehér knew Boti from another project, and he asked Boti to join our band. Then we tried the Hungarian X Factor and we made it to the finals. After X Factor we started to write songs.
X: What is the story and the inspiration behind your song Maniac?
MDC: The songs instrument section was Boti’s idea, he wrote it, then gave it to our producer who changed it a little bit. We wanted to make a song what have a really deep meaning, and then we asked our friend Kasai Jnofinn to write lyrics about addictions. We know, lots of people, artists, and musicians are addicted to something, like drugs or alcohol. We think everybody can find themselves in our song because addictions are not just alcohol or drugs, it can be love and such things like that. This is a global problem in our world.
X: How frequently do you watch the ESC? Are you fans?
MDC: Not fans, but as musicians we always watched the ESC because the show, the songs and the artists are the best in their country’s so we always wanted to see the line-up.
X: What is your favourite ESC song of all time and your favourite Hungarian song in the Contest? Why?
MDC: Maybe Loreen’s Euphoria. It was a great song and Loreen is such an amazing artist. Hungarian song? We loved all songs of the Hungarian contestants 🙂
X: Why would you like to represent your country in the ESC?
MDC: It’ll be a pleasure for us to represent our country, and first of all we’d like to perform our song for everyone in the whole World. We think this song can help people stay strong, and some people to understand this problem.
X: How was it to be part of the Hungarian X Factor in 2013? What have you learnt from that experience?
MDC: It was amazing. We learned lots of things from there, what can we use in our career. We met amazing, and talented artists and people. The staff asked us to write the final shows opening song, Az élet vár. This was a great pleasure for us.
X: Have you heard the other A Dal songs? Which one is your favourite?
MDC: We love every song it’s a very good line-up. If anybody wins the Dal, we don’t have to be ashamed because the songs are absolutely good.
X: What do you think is your best feature to be successful in the ESC?
MDC: Maybe the meaning of the song. We hope people will understand what we wanted to do with it. Our primary goal is to spread the message of the song.
X: What would you do if you won the ESC?
MDC: It’s a big dream for us. 🙂 You know, the ESC is like Olympics for musicians and artists, but as I said before we wanted to spread the message of the song. If we can help just a few people with it, we are happy. 🙂
X: Do you have a message for our readers all over the world?
MDC: Live your dreams and your life, don’t hesitate. Don’t forget to watch the ESC, and the DAL if you can (vote us 🙂 :)), and of course read! would like to thank MDC for their time and we’d like to wish them the best of luck in A Dal 2015! MDC and their song Maniac will participate in the first heat of A Dal, which will take place this Saturday. Watch their song below!


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