Gabi Szűcs: “One morning I felt I should enter A Dal.” [Interview]

In the weeks before A Dal 2015, we speak to the participants who are hoping to represent Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Today, we once again speak to a newcomer: Gabi Szűcs! Read what she had to say below! Hey Gabi! First of all, thanks for doing this interview! How are you, a few weeks before A Dal starts?
Gabi Szűcs: Thank you,  I’m fine, but a little bit tired…this is a hard period in my life, not just because of the Dal, I’ve just finished my big concert show, which was made by my new album. There was another big show, an annual concert with my ex-group, the Cotton Club Singers.  Meanwhile I tried to concentrate to the race. I’m getting exciting…
X: Could you introduce yourself to us?
G: I’m a jazz singers basically, I’m in the Hungarian music life over 20 years.  I was a member of a famous hungarian jazz vocal group, the Cotton Club Singers. We made successful career, but after 13 years, I decided to broke up. Since then I started to sing in solo, my first “pop album” released in this year.
X: Who are your musical idols?
G: Amy Winehouse, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Dusty Springfield
X: Could you tell us more about your song  Úgysem Felejtesz El?
G: You would’n forget me, anyway, this is the short, concise say of my  song. It’s about a broke up, we don’t know who left the other, but the girl says (maybe to herself), you won’t forget me…she concoled herself with this picture. But this song is not sad, you can feel a kind of ironic way..
X: Why did you decide to enter A Dal 2015?
G: I would like to show myself not just in the jazz area..My new album just comes out, with 10 brand new songs, I ‘ve made a kind of metamorphism. One morning I felt I should enter the Dal, because this is the best way to show this new Gabi.
X: What’s going to be your special ingredient to win A Dal?
G: I don’t really know if I have any 🙂 Maybe the style of this retro song, this special area, which I would like to show, the sweet 60’s…I hope they will love my simple, but kind song. I  don’t want to tell the Big TRUE, I just want to sing a good one.
X: What’s your favourite place in Hungary?
G: My hometown, Budapest!
X: What’s your favourite thing to eat or drink?
G: To drink: wine!!!  To eat: I don’t have favourites, maybe the fishes..
X: Are you a Eurovision fan?
G: I’m not really… I like the big show, I’m always watching the final, and I really enjoy the visual art, and there were a few good song, which I liked very much.
X: Do you have an all time favourite Eurovision song?
G: Absolutely: Rise Like A Phoenix!
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
G: I hope they like my song, please try to listen with open ears, and open heart! They will understand it 🙂 would like to thank Gabi Szűcs for her time and we’d like to wish her the best of luck in A Dal 2015! Gabi and her song Úgysem Felejtesz El will participate in the first heat of A Dal, which will take place this Saturday. Watch her song below!

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