Balázs Farkas-Jenser: “This song is destined for great things!” [Interview]

In the weeks before A Dal 2015, we speak to the participants who are hoping to represent Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Today, we once again speak to a newcomer: Balázs Farkas-Jenser! Read what he had to say below! Hey Balázs! First of all, thanks for doing this interview! How are you, a few weeks before A Dal starts?
Balázs Farkas-Jenser: Hi there! All good, thank you, practicing a lot, getting ready for the live shows!
X: Could you introduce yourself to us?
B: Sure – my name is Balázs Farkas-Jenser, I am 24 years old, been singing since I was three, playing instruments since I was 5, and that’s what I intend to do for the rest of my life, too 🙂 I’ve become somewhat well-known in a hungarian talent show, Megastar, and I’ve been touring with my trio ever since!
X: Who are your musical idols?
B: Eric Clapton was the one that got my hyped for blues and guitar playing, but I’m sure that John Mayer had the most effect on me ever since I did start to play. Love how he crafts lyrics and produces his songs.
X: What can you tell us about your musical philosophy?
B: No compromises. No “huge show”, no bling-bling – just music. Pure, simple, powerful, universally understood.
X: Why did you decide to apply for A Dal 2015?
B: I met with Bence and Kata (the writers of the song) in early Autumn – they showed me the song and I was immediately hooked, so I jumped right in a moved every rock I could to be able to make the best of the song.
X: Could you tell us more about your song Liar?
B: It’s a well-known situation – a man falling in love, even though he has someone back home, and the feeling starting to become evident that he will not be able to handle it this time, he’s hooked.
X: What’s going to be your special ingredient to win A Dal?
B: Simplicity. Musicians. Real musician, playing real music, what they wrote. No management, no hype agency or huge marketing machine behind us. Just the song, and out firm belief that this song is destined for great things!
X: What’s your favourite place in Hungary?
B: I’d have to say Velence, where we have a summer house. Love being there, relaxing.
X: Are you a Eurovision fan?
B: Not an explicit fan, but I always did pay attention to how the competition was going!
X: Do you have an all time favourite Eurovision song?
B: Yeah, “Common Linnets: Calm after the Storm” !
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
B: Hey there 🙂 If I end up making it to Vienna – please have a vote left in your pocket for us 🙂 I hope you feel the groove with us! would like to thank Balázs Farkas-Jenser for his time and we’d like to wish him the best of luck in A Dal 2015! Balázs and his song Liar will participate in the first heat of A Dal, which will take place tonight. Watch his song below!

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