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A mission to make May a month of SUNDAYs [Interview]

Söngvakeppnin begins on Saturday, as Iceland sets out on a quest for their first Eurovision win. Specially formed group, SUNDAY are participating in the second semifinal on 7 February. Their song, Fjaðrir (‘Feathers’) marries the key constructs of a pop song with their own brand of quirky electronica and responsive vocals.
How is this new outfit preparing for Söngvakeppnin? Lead singer Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir kindly took time out from her tour schedule to speak to use at escXtra.
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X: “Could you introduce us to the SUNDAY team?”
HK: “On the left we have Vignir Rafn, known from the band Agent Fresco as the bass player. Next is Helga Kristín, dancer, then we have Guffi who plays guitar and piano with For a Minor Reflection; and me. [Hildur Kristín is the lead singer of Rökkuró.] Next up is Hildur Ólafsdóttir, a choreographer and art director, then we have Logi Pedro, which was the producer.”
X: “How would you describe the musical style of the song?”
HK: “It’s an electro pop song with some very fresh elements to it. I would not say it is a typical Eurovision song, but it’s a really well produced pop song that we’re extremely proud of and happy to share with people.”
X: “Is there a key message behind the lyrics?”
HK: “It’s a reminiscent love song  about two birds that had to part ways but are reminded of the great moments they had together.”

X: “I see you and Guffi work together [in app development], but how did the new SUNDAY project come about?”
HK: “It was just on a sunny day last summer that I asked Guffi if he was the type of guy to make a Eurovision song with me. I had been thinking that I wanted to try this out for some time but really wanted a partner in crime. I had known Guffi for quite some time and I had this gut feeling that he was exactly the one to ask to do this with me. He said yes right away!”
X: “I’ve seen on twitter there are dance rehearsals happening!.. Does that mean it will be quite different from your sound with Rökkurró or Guffi’s with For a Minor Reflection?”
HK: “Yes this is definitely very different from what we have been doing, which makes this even more fun. We’re trying out so many new things in the preparation for the competition, but we love every minute. we’re exited to see how it goes with Sunday!”
X: “You’ve not been involved with Söngvakeppnin before – why now, and why SUNDAY rather than an existing act?”
HK: “I had never felt like I was in the right place to do it. I had often had the idea to try but somehow never actually started to make a song for it. I guess there was something in the air or something that made me feel like this should really be the year to try new things, so that’s why I decided to ask Guffi and try it out. We really wanted to make a new project for this, like a new start as this was also both me and Guffi’s first try to make pop music. We then gathered a bunch of talented people we wanted to have by our side and that’s when Sunday was born!”
X: “Are you in it to win it, or for the experience?”
HK: “We set our goals high from the start, so we are doing all we can to go all the way. Standing on the big stage in Vienna is definitely where we want to go so we’re doing everything we can so we can end up there. But the experience is totally worth all the time and effort, this has been such a learning and fun experience.”
X: “Some important questions to finish… What’s your favourite day of the year?”
HK: “All the Sundays of the year ;)”
X: “…And your favourite flavour for Skyr?”
HK: “Vanilla”
Hildur Kristin’s ongoing European tour with her band, Rökkuró might well be coming to a venue near you soon if you’re in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy or the UK, so check out their website for venue and ticket details. SUNDAY will aim to be one of seven acts surviving the semifinal stage to reach the Söngvakeppnin final on 14 February. You can follow the latest developments including coverage from Reykjavík of the final, here on escXtra.

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