Gyula Éliás Jr.: “My audience in Hungary grew a lot.” [Interview]

Hungary will continue their Eurovision selection process A Dal 2015 tonight. One of the acts taking part is Gyula Éliás Jr. He already tried to represent Hungary in 2013 and now he is back, together with Fourtissimo! Hey Gyula! Thanks for doing this interview! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Gyula Éliás Jr.: I’m a singer/songwriter and a vocal coach and I also play the guitar and the piano.
X: What is the story and the inspiration behind your song Run To You?
G: It ‘s about a relationship.The story of  a lonely man who’s trying to find real love.
X: How frequently do you watch the ESC? Are you a fan?
G: I watch it every year and I think it’s a great showcase for the new trends in music.
X: What is your favourite ESC song of all time and your favourite Hungarian song in the Contest? Why?
G: I grew up on ABBA’s music so I particularly like Waterloo which won in 1974. And recently I enjoyed Magdi Rúzsa and the last year’s Hungarian winner András Kállay-Saunders.
X: Why would you like to represent your country in the ESC?
G: I’ve been playing music for 25 years and in case of victory, I would have the chance of an international career!
X: You have already competed in A Dal 2013. What was that like? What made you want to try again?
G: It was a positive experience because my audience in Hungary grew a lot.
X: What are the origins of your collaboration with Fourtissimo? What can you tell us about them?
G: I teach Fourtissimo’s singer Vali Kuna and six months ago, when I created the song, I showed it to them and we decided to try together to go to the Eurovision Song Contest!
X: Tell us about your love for Barry White and the tribute concerts you have given singing his funky music. How and when did this start?
G: First it was the soundtrack for Love making and then I started to sing his song with a live band and I think it sounds authentic from me.
X: How was it to work with Magdi Rúzsa? She is one of the best results in the history of Hungary in the ESC. If you win A Dal 2015, would you reach out to her for advice on the experience?
G: I’m very proud of teaching her and in the case of victory I would definitely reach out to her.
X: Do you have a message for our readers all over the world?
G: Keep on loving good music and believe and never give up your dreams! would like to thank Gyula Éliás Jr. for his time and we’d like to wish him and Fourtissimo the best of luck in tonight’s A Dal! Watch their song Run To You below!

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