Leander Rising: “Metal and rock will never die.” [Interview]

It’s time for A Dal 2015 today, so before we kick off with our liveshows, here’s another interview from Hungary: It’s Leander Rising! First of all, thank you very much guys for accepting this interview. We are very excited to know more about you and your song. Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?
Leander Rising: Leander Rising was formed in 2009. First Leander Köteles released two songs as a multifunctional musician, playing all the instruments. Later Attila Vörös (ex-Nevermore) joined him and brought two excellent musicians: Jozzy Takács and Béla Budai. This is how our band was formed.  So far we have released two albums, played several shows in nearby countries and we are supported by Hear Hungary.
X: What is the story and the inspiration behind your song Lőjetek fel?
LR: The song is about the feeling when you look up to the sky and see the shining stars and you’re thinking about the afterlife stories and heritage that you will leave behind after you die. Because everybody wants to leave an impression of themselves in people’s mind. This is a metaphor.
X: How frequently do you watch the ESC? Are you fans?
LR: 2 years ago Leander wrote a song to Ildiko Keresztes, a Hungarian pop star, which reached 4th place in Eurovision Hungary, since then we are interested in participating in this contest.
X: What is your favourite ESC song of all time and your favourite Hungarian song in the Contest? Why?
LR: My personal favourite is Loreen 🙂
X: Why would you like to represent your country in the ESC?
LR: Hungary is on the board of the Eastern and Western Europe, that’s why our music is a unique mix of these two worlds.
X: You have been together for some years now. Why have you decided to participate in A Dal just now?
LR: To be honest last year we already sent this song in a different form, but it was a little bit lighter, this is the ‘’Leander Rising’’ version 🙂
X: Are you nervous about your A Dal debut?
LR: Sure, but we have been on stage for 5 years, every new situation is a challenge for us, but we always handled all of them well
X: Metal rock is not a very common genre in the ESC. Do you think people both in Hungary and in Europe are open-minded about including it in the Contest?
LR: Metal and rock will never die. All of our songs work like a pop song, but we are true men and we really like to make them sound hard 🙂
X: What can you tell us about your 2014 national tour and your upcoming plans?
LR: We have just released our 2nd album (Selfish Dirt) and we would like to spread our message to the world.
X: Do you have a message for our readers all over the world?
LR: Hear the Hungarians and listen to middle and eastern European music, because we are excellent 🙂 would like to thank Leander Rising and we’d like them to wish the best of luck in tonight’s A Dal! Watch their song below!

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