Fahrenhaidt: “Our singer will be Danish!” [Interview]

In more than a month, Fahrenhaidt is going to take place in Unser Song für Österreich. They seem to be the least familiar name of the group to most of us, but there’s this one girl we all know… Will Emmelie de Forest appear in Unser Song für Österreich? Read what Fahrenhaidt had to say below! Hey guys! First of all, congrats on being in Unser Song für Österreich!
Fahrenhaidt: Thank you very much!  We are really looking forward to the shows.
X: Could you tell us something about yourselves?
F: We are two Berlin-based songwriters and producers and we both have been making music together since, like forever. During our career we had the pleasure to write and produce for numerous artists of widely different genres. Those experiences helped us expand our musical horizon and find the right languages to express all the different moods and emotions there are in life. And after all we think that’s what music is – the language of emotions.
So when we started Fahrenhaidt, we were trying to find ways to break out and come down through music in a way that feels like you are out in the wild. That is what our Album “The Book of Nature” is about: re-creating  that feeling in the music to be experienced.
X: Your songs are described as modern nature pop. What can you say about that?
F: It is always a little tricky to describe music with words. At the end of the day you have to listen to it. But as a matter of fact we draw our inspiration from nature. We tried to find ways to turn landscapes into soundscapes but in a very tangible manner. That is why we wrote real songs around it, so people can relate to it.

Emmelie de Forest
Will Emmelie de Forest actually appear in the German national final for Vienna?
X: In your biography, it says there are three different vocalists on your album: Danish Amanda Pedersen, Canadian Alice Merton and famous to us Eurovision fans, Emmelie de Forest. Do you know which of the three will join you on the Unser Song für Österreich stage?
F: We seem to have a weakness for Danish singers. As for Unser Song für Österreich we can say that much: She will be Danish!
X: Why did you decide to enter Unser Song für Österreich?
F: We have a little history with the German Eurovision as we wrote and produced for several artists (The Baseballs, Betty Dittrich, Nica & Joe) who participated in the preliminary rounds. That’s why it feels kind of familiar even though we are taking it one step further this time as artists.
Plus, the Eurovision became more and more diverse over the years, which we think is great. So when we were asked if we would like to participate as Fahrenhaidt we gladly accepted, because we would like to contribute to this diversity.
X: What can you tell us about the songs you’re going to sing in the show?
F: The two songs are very different from each other, but both of them share the admiration of nature and how it affects our sentiment. Each song is an emotional journey. We hope it will connect with the people.
X: What’s going to be your special ingredient to win USfÖ?
F: Oh, there are a lot of ingredients that all together are going to make the performance special, hopefully. We are trying to visually re-create the world these songs are set in.
Berlin is a great place for Fahrenhaidt. Source: Episcopal Cafe
Berlin is a great place for Fahrenhaidt.
Source: Episcopal Cafe
X: What’s your favourite place in Germany?
F: First off, when it comes to making music, Berlin is definitely the place to be. We love Berlin. But when it comes to breaking out, coming down, there are a lot of great places we like to go. Andreas loves the Bavarian Alps. I’m more of a beach guy, so in Germany you have to go to the Baltic Sea to fill your lungs with a salty breeze.
X: Are you Eurovision fans?
F: Absolutely! There is nothing better than coming together with friends to watch the Eurovision finals and speculate about the chances of all the different acts.
X: Do you have an all time favourite Eurovision song?
F: We are fans of those old 60s Chansons and France Gall’s “Poupée De Cire Poupée De Son” is still a great song. When it comes to the more recent winners we think Loreen’s “Euphoria” was a killer song.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
F: Yeah, sure.  Enjoy this year’s Eurovision Song Contest!  We hope you like our contribution to the contest and maybe we will see you in Vienna. Keep your fingers crossed 😉
Best wishes from Berlin! Erik & Andreas – Fahrenhaidt would like to thank Fahrenhaidt for their time and we’d like to wish them the best of luck in Unser Song für Österreich. Will we see Wildfire as one of the Fahrenhaidt songs for Hannover? It’s a question yet to be answered… For now, you can listen to their first song Frozen Silence below! If you’re in Germany, click here to listen to the song! And don’t forget, Fahrenhaidt’s debut album will be out on 6 February!

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