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Xtra’s Pick Of The 90s

Welcome back to our new daily series, as we travel back in time and one of our editors picks out a song each day from Eurovisions gone by and puts it into the spotlight. Today is Thursday, which means we move to the 90s and Ryan brings you his pick from the Eurovision archives.

Italy 1997: Jalisse – Fiumi di parole (4th place)

It’s a curious anomaly that the final entry that Italy sent in the 20th century, and the last for some 14 years was one of their most highly regarded. The song Fiumi di parole by Jalisse was not only a standout in a year that was among the best of the 90s, but one of the best Italian entries of all time. In fact, it was said that the poor showing of this song in the results of the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest was one of the reasons why the acclaimed country took such a long absence from the competition.

The title of the song in English means river of words and talks of a woman that feels a distance growing between her lover and herself. The song performed ninth on the night, an early placing with likely contributed to it not placing higher on the scoreboard (and even winning), although a result of fourth in a very strong year for the Eurovision Song Contest is not in itself a poor showing.

Jalisse continued on to later fame in their home country and to a limited extent abroad, and are formally still a duo today.

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