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Xtra Review: Bulgaria – Poli Genova: "If Love Was a Crime"

The very last song of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 to be revealed has now entered the public forum. Here is a selection of thoughts from the escXtra team!


The best song Bulgaria have ever sent. This is my favourite of the year and the hook has been in my head since the first time I had heard it. This will go big in the hall and I’m excited to see how they stage it.


Knowing how good Poli is on stage, this will go down very well. The song is modern – and definitely better sounding than many others that have been selected this year. Worth the wait.


While I won’t go so far as to say that this is “worth the wait” (seriously, Poli has had months to come up with a song – no, actually she’s had 5 years!), it’s definitely a good way to round off the season. I would never have thought to make the small amount of Bulgarian the main hook, but it works brilliantly and is one of the most effective hooks of the year. I can hear Rihanna having sung this five years ago perhaps, but it still sounds contemporary, and it should see Bulgaria easily qualifying, which in itself is a result for them.


I was really hoping for this to be a surprise last minute game changer and for us to all be off to Sofia next year, but you can’t always win. However, this is still a really good song. It’s not as high energy as Poli’s last offering but probably somewhat more accessible musically. I adore the hook of the chorus being in Bulgarian and I just know that I am going to be drunkenly shouting along in an approximation of Bulgarian in no time. For most countries this would be a good entry, but given Bulgaria’s past submissions, this is an awesome entry.
You can listen to the Bulgarian entry, “If Love Was a Crime”, by Poli Genova below:

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