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Day 5 Review: What have we learned today?

Twenty countries had the possibility to make a rehearsal on Eurovision stage today. And as we have already mentioned, they had only 20 min to do their best.
These are the top highlights of the day, or the things we have learned:

  • How to transform your dress in 3 minutes?

Nina from Croatia definitely knows the answer and has demonstrated it perfectly on stage today.
Pic4                      Pic5

  • How to make best use of wind machine?

Gabriela from Czech Republic has effectively used it on her hair. Amazing vocals and beautiful hair!

  • Who is the king of 3D?

Without any doubts, Sergey Lazarev (Russia). Spectacular performance and impressive 3D screen behind Sergey. The only thing we don’t know yet about him is who is his only one;)

  • How not to fall in love at first sight?

Freddie from Hungary is so far keeping in secret the answer to this question, cause everyone is crazy about this Hungarian macho. Is his handsomeness going to help him get to the final? We will see very soon.Pic6

  • How to chose the best outfit?

Samra from Azerbaijan is trying to figure out this point. And what we know now thanks to Samra is that the vocals doesn’t depend on the outfit you chose. We hope she will realize that!

  • Is it possible to get rid of Spanish accent when speaking English?

Barei shows that us that it is certainly possible. Thanks to her, many of us have also learned some funny dancing technique. Good luck to Barei.

  • Does “simple” mean “boring and not original”?

Clearly not. It was proved today by Amir from France! Simple and nice performance. It’s not always a show you should pay attention to._P6_5766
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