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Day 6 Review: What have we learned today?

Another hectic day full of rehearsals at the Globe Arena. Twenty one participants were trying to improve their performance and rehearse it again today. Obviously, there are entries that are considerably better than others and there is nothing surprising about it. That is why we can learn what looks and sounds better and what is better not to do on stage. That is what we want to share with you, guys!

  • It’s a great idea to “plant” some trees on stage!

Jamala from Ukraine did it and, as far as we see, this “Jamala’s tree” has watched a lot of attention. Now she and her tree are the 2nd favorites in the bookies’ odds. And this is quite something!

  • Who has some stage secrets from us?

Lithuania does! Donny definitely doesn’t want us to know he has some backing singers…intelligent guy! You can check out what we mean on a photo below. It’s really funny;)

  • Who is bringing the 70s funky vibe to the Eurovision stage?

That is Laura Tesoro from Belgium. She looks so catching in her silver
mini-shorts and jacket! The backing singers are also very stylish. Her performance is very confident on the whole!

  • Is it possible to be naked and with some kind of a wild animal on Eurovision stage?

I guess, Ivan from Belarus was not allowed to perform naked, cause before he was seriously thinking about doing it and besides, he wanted to bring a real wolf with him. But still we can see part of this idea at lest on a digital screen behind Ivan. So far, no real naked people and wild animals on stage,…hahah;)

  • Is it possible to learn from our own mistakes?

We all know that UK was not doing very well during years of its participation in the contest. But it seems they’ve learned from their own mistakes and Joe and Jake are doing well…congrats to UK!
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