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Rehearsals live blog: First semi-final dress rehearsal

We’re now reaching the business end of Eurovision fortnight, with dress rehearsals starting today! Tonight, the juries will cast their votes for the first time as the jury rehearsal for semi-final 1, and this afternoon the artists have a chance to perfect their performances and we get a chance to see how the whole show will Come Together (har) for the first time.
The dress rehearsal starts at 5pm CEST and you can follow our thoughts live from the press centre below.
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Comments on Rehearsals live blog: First semi-final dress rehearsal

  • BB

    Peter are you serious about Freddies vocal or you are just mean?He has on of the BEST MALE VOCALS this year.Im a musician so I know.Im surpised that you drag down somebody and you dont give a chance because …Just. I don’t think you really think this that he has weak vocals or if you do you are really not objective.I think this song will easily qualify and it will be 3rd-6th in its semi final.

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