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Running order of Saturday's grand final revealed

During tonight’s qualifiers’ press conference, the 10 winners of semi final 2 picked which half of Saturday’s final they will be performing in. Shortly after the draw, work began on putting together the best possible running order of the grand final.

A group of representatives from both the Swedish national broadcaster, SVT and the European Broadcasting Union, EBU, have worked hard in the hours after the press conference on presenting a running order that will allow every song it’s best opportunity to shine in Saturday’s final.
Based on whether the artist drew the first or second half of the final, this group has done their best to put together arunning order that will ensure that the viewers all around Europe, and the rest of the world, will get to enjoy a great show on Saturday.
 SVT and EBU have just announced the running order for the final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest:

  1. Belgium
  2. Czech Republic
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Hungary
  6. Italy
  7. Israel
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Sweden
  10. Germany
  11. France
  12. Poland
  13. Australia
  14. Cyprus
  15. Serbia
  16. Lithuania
  17. Croatia
  18. Russia
  19. Spain
  20. Latvia
  21. Ukraine
  22. Malta
  23. Georgia
  24. Austria
  25. United Kingdom
  26. Armenia

What do you think? Who gains the most from this running order?

Comments on Running order of Saturday's grand final revealed

  • Jim Walsh

    Got to feel sorry for the Czech Republic – first time qualifying and they are given the graveyard slot by SVT. I think it’s a classy song and she sings it amazingly well but the minute she drew 1st half I reckoned she was going to be placed in slot 2 after a bouncy opening and there you go, that’s exactly what happened.
    It’s all really setup for Russia it would seem, being the only one of the betting favourites in the second half. I think the SVT producers must have been banging their heads against walls as the draws were made because one you go past Russia it’s a fairly unmemorable set of songs after that to the finish.

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