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Jamala sends a strong message to all those in pain

Jamala says that her song is about all mankind suffering from pain.
In a reply to escXtra, the 2016 Eurovision winner said that the song 1944 is not about only her personal story but everyone can relate to his/her own tragic experience in life. She mentioned a few such as the Holocaust.
Jamala said that when she was writing the song that managed to win Eurovision for Ukraine for the second time, she was listening to Schindler’s List soundtrack. Infact this powerful track was her driving force to transmit a strong message in Europe’s favourite show.
Europe has sent a strong message after Ukraine’s victory in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. At the end of the winner’s press conference EBU Eurovision Supervisor Jon Ola Sand gave a few details to the Ukrainian delegation as the country is expected to host the forthcoming edition.
Watch Jamala celebrating her victory and her comments to escXtra

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