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Eurovision 2016 – The Biggest Losers

Now that the glitter was cleaned up from Globen and we have celebrated the winners of the Eurovision 2016, let’s discuss the losers. Who did the jury screw over? Who did not connect to the audience? Who upset the fans?  These 3 questions we will answer today.
Let’s go for the most obvious first of all. Russia. Royally screwed by the juries, the whole nation is frustrated with the new voting system and questions why was the system changed this year. Well, Italy won the televote last year as well and ended up 3rd behind Polina. There were no complaints from the Russian side then… Whether the jury voting was political or not that depends on how each of us looks at it. Perhaps the performance was too inspirational? Perhaps Sergey did not connect to the camera enough? Perhaps the juries managed to hear bum notes? One thing is certain – the public completely disagreed with the juries and supported Russia which I certainly hope will translate to success for his later career.

What happened to Malta? After the whole scandal surrounding “Chameleon” being scrapped, the hype that was “Walk On Water” and the juries support in the final (4th!) it all went downhill from there. Ira could not score much from the televote and only managed a 21st place despite a huge campaign all around Europe and social media. Eurovision proved itself to be unpredictable once again and went on to show that public has the mind of its own as the pre-contest promotion no longer helps much. We wish Ira all the best of luck, especially, since a little baby is on the way! That is what winning is.

A lot of us had him in our TOP 5’s and we were sure he would do as well or better than his songwriter the year before. Speaking of the Latvian Justs of course.  Performing right next to the eventual winner does not reflect well on your result normally (look at Malta too), but 15th seemed way too low for the fan-favorite Justs. We hope the result did not discourage the debuting singer and he is going to continue satisfying the fans of his.

Do you agree? What are your losers?


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Comments on Eurovision 2016 – The Biggest Losers

  • JimW

    Russia can complain about the new voting system all they like but I’ve done an analysis of how the result would have been under the old system (combined jury and televote per country) and the Top 10 placings would have been unchanged.
    According to my figures the Top 3 under the old system would have been as follows:
    Ukraine 304
    Australia 288
    Russia 272
    These would have been a long way ahead of Bulgaria in 4th with 153

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