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Maltese Archbishop lambasts Eurovision expenditure

The Archbishop of Malta highly criticized this year’s Eurovision cost and slammed the Maltese national broadcaster for spending a lot of money on Ira’s adventure in Stockholm.
Mgr Charles Scicluna was discussing the Eurovision costings during a programme on the national radio station. He said that the Maltese broadcaster spent thousands of euro on a hologram coat, which Ira didn’t use, due to some technological hiccups.
Meanwhile it only happens in Malta or let say in Russia too!
Which other country has the President of the Republic that visits Eurovision rehearsals? This happened both in Malta during the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and in Russia, when Vladimirย Putin caught everyone by surprise as he toured the 2009 Eurovision venue.
However the passionate Eurovision island has set a new record by having their bishop, who often is clad in bright robes discussing the expenditure on Europe’s favourite show.

Comments on Maltese Archbishop lambasts Eurovision expenditure

  • EscCro

    Donโ€™t forget Turkish primeminister and Ukrainian president attending actual shows :)))

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