The time I missed Eurovision… Part 1

As long as I remember I have always loved watching Eurovision. Would sometimes watch it all by myself since other family members weren´t that into it. But in 2005 I moved to Romania for a year. Was studying in small village in Transylvania, and at my dormitory I didn´t have access to TV. Therefore I couldn´t watch Eurovision in 2006. Back in those days internet and WiFi weren´t that accessible, so I only had short time every other Thursday to go to an internet Café in the town closest to my school. I only heard the Icelandic entry and about the fiasco it brought. Don´t think I even heard the winning song, Hard Rock Hallelujah.
[c5ab_video c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” url=” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAh9NRGNhUU” width=”800″ height=”450″ ] One night I was talking to my friend Wivian, about Eurovision, like we often do. And we were talking about the Eurovision years that we had missed. So Wivian suggested we would watch the final together and make it a small party. And that is what we did… the two of us and my boyfriend.  Eurovision always has some charm, but this year was a bit of a struggle to watch. And I don´t think it can only be blamed on the 10 years that have passed. But I am sure it would have been more fun to follow if Twitter had come a bit earlier.

Regardless of not being the best year, I had planned to write about my experience and maybe give you a little reminder of Eurovision history.  And in the spirit of my Christmas card tradition, (Christmas cards are a huge thing in Iceland) that is writing small poems about what has happened to me in the past year, I wrote you a poem about my impression of 2006.

I missed the rhythm of Eurovision ´06,

my teenage life needed fix.

Like some entries, we three had a seat,

but forgot the white dress code to meet.

From the start Athens wasn´t up for a great class,

wondering if I through my window could pass.

I do try to follow my heart to be polite

starting with everything I liked;

Now some puzzles of Eurovision’s songs

got a face and a country to which it belongs.

Fond memories brought back with Latvia´s little guy,

of my childhood Pappírspési* adventure´s cry.

No, no, never I grasped why it was Lordi’s year

but after listening to them 24, it was so clear.

So now I echo Hard Rock Hallelujah cheer!

If had to choose my top 5 I would end up with two

and reason would be twist of love for my countries true,

Torneró and Iceland, who didn´t make it through:(

To name a few things that weren´t well played.

Too much of ego, though some ironically made.

With the Invisible Süper Star ready to say;

“Congratulations! We are the winners! Hurray!

And the Loca changing outfits spin

was as lame as Six4one attempt to win.

To Eurovision I want to say “Je t’adore“

Thanks to Youtube, for having this in store.

And with soon to be winner, I say with glow,

to whom with me endured; “I will never let you go”

So tell me now, Children of the Euroverse,

did you find ’06 a blessing or a curse?

What are your thoughts about the year 2006? Is there a year that you have not seen yet? If so then I recommend watching it with some friends and make it a merry evening! I know that some in the team have missed a year or two and will share their thoughts on them in the coming weeks. Oh, and there’s a prize to be won if you can name all the ’06 entries hinted to in this poem…
*For those who aren´t Icelandic or don´t remember Pappírspési , he is a character in old kid show and for me it´s hard not to see the resemblance to the little Latvian.
[c5ab_video c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpHOj0OkYds” width=”800″ height=”450″ ]  
[c5ab_video c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_pDAxEtt7g” width=”800″ height=”450″ ]

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

Comments on The time I missed Eurovision… Part 1

  • Wivian Renee Kristiansen

    What stunned me about this exercise was the opening of this final!
    1) If We All Give a Little (Unbelievably dull)
    2) Loca (Possibly the worst Eurovision entry ever)
    3) Together We Are One (Dulldulldull!)
    4) I Hear Your Heart (well performed, but sooooo dull!)
    5) Alvedansen (A good song, but doesn’t exactly do anything to “get the party started”…)
    6) Un Blodymary (Just weird and slightly absurd…)
    7) I Do (Did he sing even *one* correct note? If he did, it must have been by accident…)
    8) No No Never (FINALLY!! A song that’s uptempo, fun and well performed!)
    And after *this* we actually had to wait another 7 years until someone realized that it could perhaps be a good idea to *not* draw the running order randomly, but actually put together a *good* show… I don’t say this all that often, but thank heavens for the Swedes!!

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