Sing your Eurovision lungs out!

We all love Eurovision, some more than others.  And the songs are of course a huge part of it. We all love picking our favorite songs and cheer for them.  We take them to heart and feel passionate about them. We listen to them again and again and they become a part of us at least for some time.  And to express our favorites (us) we even try to sing them by ourselves or at a karaoke.  I am one of these people who don´t always like their voice and believe that singing is a private affair… with the exception of on drunken nights out.  But occasionally I do love singing and then of course at full blast.  The best places to sing alone are usually thought to be in the shower or while driving alone. Personally, I prefer singing in the car since it´s easier to follow the music and lyrics. As for singing in the shower, I might have been slightly traumatized as a teen after a neighbor passed by the window and asked if I was the one singing.  I froze and didn´t say a word; it clearly wasn’t as private as I thought! With that said, I would like to share with you ten Eurovision songs that I like singing in the car!
We’ll start off with this year’s 2nd place “Sound of silence”. Dami Im is an amazing talent, and I used to follow her when she was singing in Australia got talent! This is a true voice blaster!

Another one where I attempt to reach higher notes than I know I can´t reach is Norway’s winner’s song in 2005, the proper rock song “In my dreams” with the band Wig Wham. Isn’t it fun to scream out your voice with rock?
I know this is not for everyone, since Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir went way out of line in her character as Silvia Night in Greece 2006. But the Icelandic lyrics are quite funny to sing and the song brings this silly feeling of being “THE BEST” without being too serious.

This was my favorite in 2012, and even though I did my best voting for it, it still didn’t get any points from my country, Iceland 🙁 The Maltese Kurt Calleja with his song “This is the night” charmed my voice to sing along. Plus the dance is interesting to learn… but I don´t recommend trying the steps while driving.

Something charming about this song “Molitva”, Serbia’s entry in 2007. Marija Šerifović sings it well and deserved to win. Since I don´t understand, I sing how I hear it. And of course I do it with passion.  Singing with passion gives a relief to the soul.

This year Latvia brought us Justs with his song “Heartbeat”. Another song where you can let your voice go places it shouldn´t be. It´s fun to sing loudly, try it!

“Fly on the wings of love” with Olsen brothers from Denmark is one of my first memories of Eurovision. I cheered for it then and so did my parents. Don´t think we have shared a favorite since then. Even 16 years later it sometimes comes up in my mind, when I hear the word fly…

Loved Israel’s entry in 2014, “Same heart” with Mei Finegold. I was so sad it didn’t make it to the final. I preferred the studio version over the semi final performance though, so much more fierceness in the studio version, where was the sword in the semi? (Guess there are rules against that). Singing it with passion can release some serious tension!
[c5ab_video c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” url=”” width=”800″ height=”450″ ] Most Icelanders know our entry from 1991 by heart and can easily sing along. Especially when the party has been going for a while and the motions are getting stronger. I am no exception, I bring you” Nína” with Stefán & Eyfi.
[c5ab_video c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” url=”″ width=”800″ height=”450″ ] Ending with the song I would have preferred to have won in 2013, this is Norway’s “I Feed You My Love” with Margaret Berger. This song has power and edginess. The phrase the “the whole world is mine” is indeed a feeling you sometimes get while driving!

Are any of these singalong favourites of yours? What other Eurovision classics or hidden gems do you like to sing to yourself?
P.s. Some places are better than others to sing alone, thanks to my friend Ármann who took this photo, shows my favorite place to sing my lungs out! Think next time I will sing Dami Im song or maybe I should sing Georgia’s entry from 2013;)

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

Comments on Sing your Eurovision lungs out!

  • Wivian Renee Kristiansen

    A funfunfun read!!
    I also love singing along to Eurovision songs, and a few of the ones mentioned here would be high up on my list, but my top 10, in no particlular order, would most likely be;
    1) Zauvijek moja (Serbia&Montenegro 2005)
    2) Change (Romania 2011)
    3) We Could Be the Same (Turkey 2010)
    4) Draumur um Nínu (Iceland 1991)
    5) No No Never (Germany 2006)
    6) All to You (Austria 2000)
    7) My Star (Latvia 2000)
    8) Talking to You (Denmark 2005)
    9) Mundu eftir mér (Icelandic version of Iceland 2012)
    10) Color of Your Life (Poland 2016)

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