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Eurostars to open music bar in Reykjavik

Are you one of the many people who sometimes wonder what Eurovision participants do after they’ve left the Eurovision stage?
We’re not in a position to tell you what all Eurovision singers do after the contest, but some of them do things that are so much fun that we feel we need to mention it.
Tomorrow, two former Eurovision artists (and one repeat Söngvakeppnin “offender”) will open a brand new music bar in downtown Reykjavik. We are talking about none other than Vignir Snær Vigfússon (one sixth of Sjonni’s Friends), Friðrik Ómar Hjörleifsson (one half of Euroband) and Jógvan Hansen (who is bound to represent Iceland in Eurovision at some point!)
Image; facebook

Image; facebook

The name of the place is Græna herbergið (The green room), and there is a lot of green in there…surprise!

Image; facebook
Image; facebook
And considering who the owners are, it’s not much of a surprise that there will be a lot of music there too! In the upstairs bar there will be a grand piano, to create a friendly and fun atmosphere for the guests, while downstairs you may risk being entertained by the owners themselves, perhaps in combination with some of their many musical friends. One thing that has been missing in Reykjavik is a place for musicians to meet and talk and play together, just for the fun of it, and Græna herbergið will offer just that. All sorts of instruments and musical equipment will be present, and visiting artists will be more than welcome to take the stage.
Image; facebook
Image; facebook
Oh, and the bar is also green…kinda!
For some more impressions of what the place will look like; watch this “the making of” video! (If you watch closely you might spot another Eurovision singer in there. Not an owner, but someone very likely to pop in and grab a guitar and a microphone from time to time…)

If you wanna keep track of what happens in the Green Room, you can follow them on Facebook or add them on Snapchat; greenroomrvk. And if you ever find yourself just wandering around in downtown Reykjavik; don’t forget to stop by! And if you do; let us know what you think about it! And take a selfie with a Eurostar and share on our facebook!!

Sjonni’s Friends; Vignir is third from the right (Yes, the cute, tall, blond one…)

Euroband; Friðrik Ómar is the one in pants… 😛

Jógvan’s best result, finished 2nd in Söngvakeppnin 2010, behind Hera Björk.

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