Nick's Eurovision winners: 1997-2016

Skopje 2013: Bonnie Tyler – Believe In Me (United Kingdom)

And here’s where I expect many of you to shake your heads if you haven’t done so already (I know for a fact that Wivian has indeed shaken her head), but there’s a story to this one. Bonnie Tyler in what should’ve been Skopje 2013.
Bonnie Tyler is a legend. Together with Tina Turner, she is possibly the biggest icon for me in music history. All of her songs are pure excellence and even though she doesn’t have the voice she had in the 1980s, she still manages to get me cheering for her. With Kaliopi, Anna Vissi, Patricia Kaas and to some extent, Kati Wolf, Bonnie Tyler joins a list of really experienced women taking the crown for me. This little country number still features on my playlists.
As Bonnie is from Wales, we’re off to Cardiff!

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Nick van Lith

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