Nick's Eurovision winners: 1997-2016

Cardiff 2014: The Common Linnets – Calm After The Storm (The Netherlands)

We had a soft introduction to country music with Bonnie in 2013, but we need some more country music. Ilse DeLange is my favourite Dutch artist, so when she was selected, I was ecstatic.
The fact she took Waylon with her is slightly disappointing as I’m no fan of him at all. Their first performs of Calm After The Storm was a downright disaster and it took until the first rehearsals for this to click. When I saw it on television, I got it, I understood what they were doing. It quickly became my favourite Dutch entry and it made me proud to be Dutch. I loved the winner, but this topped everything.
The venue would’ve been an easy pick for 2015: the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam!


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