Nick's Eurovision winners: 1997-2016

Zagreb 1999: Rui Bandeira – Como Tudo Começou (Portugal)

Zagreb would have had the honour of hosting 1999. I don’t rate this year much at all. In fact, I think it’s the weakest year in Eurovision history. As much as I love schlager and Charlotte Nilsson/Perrelli, Take Me To Your Heaven doesn’t really do it for me. The same goes for Iceland’s runner-up. My quest for a winner in this year was difficult.
In the end, there are a couple of songs I quite enjoy – Bosnia’s Putnici or Belgium’s Like The Wind are two examples there, but after two haunting songs, I’d much prefer an easy, uptempo winner. Nothing too complicated, no big fuss, just a nice little song to end the century with. The best example in that case would, for me, be Portugal’s entry Como Tudo Começou.
First time in Eurovision history then, that we’re really off to Portugal: Lisbon 2000, here we come.

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