Nick's Eurovision winners: 1997-2016

Manchester 2001: Michelle – Wer Liebe Lebt (Germany)

2001 was a year of two fantastic women delivering incredible ballads in the contest. Following Rui Bandeira and Nicki French, we’re definitely in need of a ballad winning. There’s a choice of two here for me: Michelle for Germany and Natasha St-Pier for France.
Both of these women made the same mistake: Switching to English midway through. I don’t get why they did that. Ever since 1999, it was allowed to sing in a language other than your own, but these two songs show that being allowed to do something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should actually do it.
For once, I wish we could go back to a 1969 situation. Just let the two of them share the win, no issues there for me. I have to pick one though and in the end, it has to be Germany. Mainly because I think the song is severely underrated by the fans.
Like the United Kingdom, Germany has many options to host the contest. For 2002, I’ll just pick Cologne as host city.

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