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Last week some of the escXtra team shared their Ultimate Eurovision Summer songs, kind of to get the party started. This week we’ll slow the party down a few notches and take a look at songs we like slow dancing to. Oh, and we also had a little chat with an Icelandic Söngvakeppnin/Eurovision participant, who shares her slow dance favorite too! And let’s start with her!
Iris Holm (two time Söngvakeppnin participant and backng vocalist for María in Vienna);
One of my ultimate favourite slow songs from Eurovision is Israel´s 2005 entry, “Hasheket Shenish’ar”. This song is filled with difficult overbearing emotions. Whenever I hear this song I imagine long lost lovers being reunited, sharing a moment for one song, holding each other tight, knowing their love will never be, but they wanna make the most out of those 3 minutes.

If there’s one Eurovision entry that I’d pick for a slow dance, this is the one. Not only was this visually delightful on stage but song alone – it’s elegant and has a stunning melody which really shines through.

My favourite Eurovision ‘Slow Dance’ song has to be Georgia’s 2010 entry, with the amazing Sofia Nizharadze and ‘Shine’. A truly beautiful song in which Sophie evokes so much passion through every verse she sings. The staging enhances the drama that there is within the song and is fantastic to see. I could easily see this song being played on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ for a foxtrot or Viennese waltz. A beautiful beautiful song that is a true Eurovision diamond. 9th place was an absolute travesty in my opinion but hey ho.

My pick for this topic is obvious: Norway 2003. Not only is it my favourite Norwegian entry ever, which says enough about my love for this entry, but it’s also a perfect song for a slowdance for many reasons. First of all, it’s a ballad, which I don’t have to explain why is crucial for a slowdance song. The lyrics are also fitting, I mean, who wouldn’t like to slowdance with their loved one while listening to words such as “I’m in love with a beautiful girl….”? In my opinion, the whole mood of this song perfectly matches a slowdance and would be the best pick for a romantic three minutes.

This might be the most cliche pick I can make for this category, but the reason why this is such an obvious choice is because it really is a fantastic example of a slow dance song. It’s the Danish 1963 winner, Dansevise, it captures everything that a slow dance should have. A wonderful song, wonderful music and a perfect reminder of the 1960s Eurovision.

The ”Silent Storm” inside you can surely find a home while slowdancing with the person you adore the most. Norway’s entry from 2014 might not be the typical love song you would usually slowdance to, but as the song talks about the deepest desires hidden inside you, I think it perfectly creates an emotional and sparkling slowdance atmosphere.

I really like the calm beginning that makes you want to listen carefully and then the song takes you higher and higher as the song becomes more powerful. For dancing I like the slow and intimate start that captures your attention and as the song gets stronger the slowdance gets tighter and more loving.

For the second week running I have to head south, to Spain, to find my favorite; my Ultimate Eurovision Slowdance song is the amazingly wonderful Bailar Pegado, performed by the equally amazingly wonderful Sergio Dalma. There are so many reasons why I chose this song, or atually; it chose itself. The title means dancng close together, and the lyrics are all about how dancing is dancing only when we‘re close to each other. Add to that a melody that makes me wanna keep dancing forever, and Sergio‘s voice that‘s just so warm and emotional…I‘m getting all lyrical here. Will stop now.

We’ll be back with a new category Ultimate Eurovision songs next Friday.

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