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A lot of people are now back at work after the summer holidays, which isn’t always easy. So, I thought we’d bring you some happy Eurovision songs to cheer you all up, and try to make you as happy and energetic as Jedward…or something!  And it’s THE WEEKEND!! So, keep smiling, guys!! 
This should be needless to say. Who wouldn’t get happy when two Norwegian ladies are going at it about letting it swing and letting it rock’n’roll? They can hardly stop smiling and having fun on that stage themselves. Never fails to make me smile.

Sing it Away by Sandhja. It’s a really up-lifting song with very up-lifting lyrics. Whenever I’m down, I just play the song and start dancing and singing it away! Butnot the studio version or the live version at the semi-final, the live version of UMK is gold for my ears!

The first song I’ve ever listened from the contest (apart from the Italian songs I had no clue were from the contest, so this definitely count as my first). I love Helena, I love Greece (as you might remember I’m the one shouting on the live stream PAME ELLADA every time they perform), I love the music, it reminds me of good times and I think dearly of it everytime.

If there is a song that can make you feel good in an instant it is “This is My Life” from Iceland in 2008. Yes it might be as schlager as they come but boy when you’re going through a tough time it can turn things around. It reminds you that everything that happens to you is part of making you who you are. This is YOUR life, and it’s ok, because things are good and bad. But in the end it’s yours – why would you want to change a thing?!

As soon as the chords start playing I am being transported to Praia, Brazil, Timor or Macau. This is not the typical melancholic Portuguese song, this is a happy and joyful song with no ambition of being the greatest hit, and that’s why shouldn’t ask for anything deep. Whether you are having a moody day or a marvelous one, ‘Quero Ser Tua’ will still draw a smile on your face. It’s a danceable song to have fun with, and sometimes the silliest tunes may end up being the ones you love the most. May the ‘UAUAUÉ ! UAUÉ !’ live forever in our hearts.

My Ultimate Eurovision Cheer up song is TWIN TWIN’s Moustache, France’s entry from 2011. This song always makes me happy, and picks me up for a few crazy steps.

For my cheer up song I think I’ll go with Say Yay! I just adore the way the song builds up to each chorus and I can’t resist trying to do the little shuffle (no matter where I am). Although the song was let down by the stage show in Stockholm I feel energised and happy every time I hear it.

When it comes to cheering up, I’m thinking of Zdob şi Zdub straight away. The band’s energy is just so addictive and you basically cannot feel any kind of bad listening to the crazy guys from Moldova. Whether it’s ”So lucky” or – my personal choice today – ”Bunica bate toba” from 2005. The Raggae/Folklore/I-don’t-know-what inspired rhythm makes you want to get up, dance along, and forget about whatever it was you were worrying about. Cheer up and get your body moving!

My favourite Eurovision ‘cheer up’ song is Emmy and Boom Boom. Yes it’s not exactly the best song lyrically and Emmy may not have given her best vocal performance at Eurovision, thus making it Armenia’s first and only non qualification. However, putting that all to one side it just puts a smile on my face. It’s pure cheese and I love the ‘Boom Boom Chaka Chaka’ verse. Both studio and live version with the boxing staging always make me laugh and surely that’s what you want from a song. To make you smile and laugh.

My ultimate cheer up song would have to be Poli Genova’s If Love Was A Crime (which is also my 2016 winner). It’s simple, whenever I am having a bad day, listening to this entry once is enough to make me smile again. The lyrics are happy and the purpose of this song is nothing except to entertain people and be uplifting (which it definitely manages to do). For ultimate happiness I suggest watching the Eurovision performance while listening to it, because seeing Poli having so much fun will warm your heart even more (at least it does for me.)

My Ultimate Eurovision cheer up song is the Austrian entry from 2000; All to You performed by The Rounder Girls. I really love  lot of the 60s‘ music, and this song just has everything I look for in a mood lifter. The rythm immediately gets both my hips and shoulders going, and it‘s not possible to still feel „down“ when my body is moving to the beat. It‘s also very singalong friendly, and the moment the girls start singing, so do I! Hoo-hoo-hooo!

If you are in need of that special summer feeling, check out our Ultimate Eurovision Summer songs. If you would rather slow it down a bit and perhaps be a little romantic on a Friday night, our Ultimate Eurovision Slow Dance song might be more your thing today.

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