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Kosovo at the Olympics.. Could Eurovision be Next?

History was made at last nights Olympic’s Opening Ceremony, which was held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
Kosovo made their first appearance in the Olympic’s, one in which they were recognised as independent nations. What a momentous occasion you may say and yes you would be correct.
Malinda Kelmendi, who is competing for the nation at Judo is holding the flag
Kosovo has wanted independence from Serbia since 2008, however there have for a number of years been mixed reactions about whether the country should be recognised as an independent nation. However, since July 2016, the country has received recognition from 109 UN (United Nations) member states. It shows what a long way the nation has come and the acceptance onto the Olympics enforces this.
Now could this step on such a global stage, make way for Kosova to compete in other international events, such as the Common Wealth Games and even Eurovision. One thing for certain, is that there is definite interest in Kosovo sending a representative to the European song contest, so is it only a matter of time… I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
What are your thoughts on a possible Kosovan Eurovision entry?

Sagheer Chaudhry

I first watched Eurovision in 2007 and fell in love with the amazing Natalia Barbu and "Fight", I have been a fan of Eurovision ever since. Following and finding Eurovision related news is what I love to do and as a member of the escXtra team, I will be providing ESC fans with news.

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