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So, after having shared our favorite summer songs, slow dance songs and cheer up songs, this week we thought we’d try to inspire all of you to get moving a bit. And to do this; here are our favorite Eurovision tracks for working out! 
Cheap, pompous, easy. That’s what you need when you’re working out. I hate the gym, so I usually go for a bike ride and this is the perfect song to go a little faster. Especially when I put this on repeat. And yes, three years after, I still do that.

So, being a not so sporty person, I have basically done nothing in my life. Apart from a very difficult lesson of dance fit that made my legs sore for four days. That said, I have been rehearsing the LoveWave choreography and I had to do it for two hours straight in front of a camera. By the end of it my back hurt – so I do count it as the ultimate fitness anthem. (PS: video release TBC.)

This song really motivates me and is actually the kick starter to my Running playlist. It builds and builds and then bursts into its full on energetic chorus – I often find myself running faster than my usual speed in order to keep up with the dubstep rhythm and the general bpm of the song.

This week’s topic was by far the hardest for me since I don’t really work out, so I decided to go with the song I listen to while doing tough PE exercises – and it’s Bulgaria 2016 again! I can’t name any particular reason why this song is so fitting for a workout, but I know that when I thought I was so tired I couldn’t keep on running, I heard the fabulous Bulgarian part of the song and found strength to go on. I would definitely suggest putting it on repeat when working out, because it’s upbeat and will motivate you to do your best (unlike ballads which are definitely a NO when doing exercises).

My ultimate Eurovision workout song is Freaky Fortune’s Rise Up. It may not be my favourite Greek entry and I may not even like the song that much. However, it is an amazing song for an intense workout session. Whether you are running outdoors, on a treadmill or using your gym’s elliptical trainer, it will give you the energy you need to keep on going for a few more minutes.

As I am trying to prepare for my first half marathon, I have been listening to random eurovision songs from 2010-2016, and so far the song Hunters of Stars has been the most motivating; the “go” makes you GO! and the whistle, violin and the clapping make you remember to enjoy the workout. Since I haven´t mastered to change songs while running, I found myself lowering the sound of less motivating songs (“Slow down” would be a good example of that) and wishing this was back on.

My personal favourite workout method (if you can call it that) is cycling. I would take my bike anywhere if I could. Naturally, I need some Eurovision music in my ears while I’m riding around on two wheels. Whenever Tooji’s ”Stay“ is up next on my playlist I get that little extra boost to cycle a tiny bit faster. Especially the ”work it, move your body, baby”-part makes me move my body indeed. Back in 2012, I even learned the stamping choreography by heart – it’s not the world’s hardest choreography but done 20 times or so in a row it might as well count as a workout all by itself. Just try it out yourself, Tooji gives a great dancing introduction right here:

This song is just pure power from the moment you hear the drums. The motivational lyrics and the dramatic instrumental just help keep me going for the last three minutes of any workout. (And anything related to Nina Sublatti has got to be pretty badass.)

My ultimate Eurovision work out song is Ivi Adamou’s ‘La La Love’ which represented Cyprus in 2012. The song is upbeat, positive which is just what I like to listen to when working out, particularly running on the treadmill. It makes me want to keep going on and on and not stopping. That is until the song has finished at least.
And as we can see, Sagheer is not the only member of the escXtra team who loves working out whie listening to Ivi!
So my favorite song is LA LA Love by Ivi from Cyprus.. I love to workout with this song (once a year) because it’s got a very party up tempo shake your booty vibe that really helps with shaking every part of your body to burn those donuts.

Do you ever need to go a little further? Dig a little deeper? Push a littler harder? I’m here to tell you that with the help of Charlotte Pirelli you can! Bringing out the Hero in all of us this ESC classic will have you reaching new heights of working out. Best used at either the beginning or the end of a work out, for inspiration to start or to get over that final hurdle. Be there hero Charlotte knows you are!

No No Never has the perfect beat for pushing me to try and run a bit faster or a bit longer! It has helped me finish 7 half marathons and „a fantazillion“ 10ks, and it will continue to do so for years to come! I love the happy vibe, and every time it comes on it makes me smile, even if I might be at the terribly painful 16k mark of a half marathon. Once, during a very warm and sunny 10k I thought I would end up not finishing the race, but then this came on and I decided to at least run through the song, and when it finished I had managed to „run through the pain“ and went on to complete the run! Ah; the power of the right music!!

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