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Junior Eurovision: Ukrainian semi-final on Saturday 13th

The semi-final of the Ukrainian national selection for the Junior Eurovision 2016 will be held on Saturday, 13th of August at 10:30 CET.
Young artists from all the corners of Ukraine will join to compete for the right to reach the final stage of the selection and represent their country at the Junior Eurovision 2016 in Malta on November 20th.
The jury in charge of choosing the finalists will be composed of the singers Maria Burmaka and Svitlana Tarabarova; the general director of the Ukranian music themed channels M1 and M2, Valentyn Koval; the producer Vadim Lysytsia, and the director of Junior Eurovision 2013, Victor Knysh.
The finalists will be announced on the official website of the Ukrainian national broadcaster. The fortunate winners of the semi-final will compete in the national final which will be held on September 10th.
You can follow the show live HERE.
Ukraine has only won the competition once, even though it has been four times in the top 5 and it has hosted the competition twice.

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