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Junior Eurovision: Ukraine selects its 12 finalists

Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest on May and it is eager to win the kid’s competition too! Earlier in July NTU confirmed that they would be participating at the Junior Eurovision 2016 in Valletta and they would be staging a semi-final to select their hopefuls.
Today a four-hour long show with more than 30 competitors was broadcast to decide which of the junior artists would go through to the live final that will take place on September 10th.
The twelve finalists and their respective songs are:

  1. Andriy Boyko – “Open your heart”
  2. Diana Sapozhko – “Tviy svit”
  3. Sofiya Shkidchenko – “Dolʹche Vita”
  4. Denys Dovirak and Natalya Sadova – “Ya chekayu dosi tvoho lysta”
  5. Yuliya Radchuk – “Moya zorya”
  6. Denys Rodin – “Ukrayina – mama moya”
  7. Sofiya Rolʹ – “Planet craves for love”
  8. Polina Dashkova – “Do Boha”
  9. Alisa Panchuk – “Pyy svoyi mriyi”
  10. Anastasiya Bahinsʹka – “Miy svit”
  11. Hurt “VoiceLand” – “Vidchyny svoye sertse”
  12. Sofiya Lozina– “Uhorsʹkyy tanok”

The winner among these finalists will be chosen by SMS televoting and the Jury vote.
You can rewatch the full show HERE.

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