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Armenia: Depi Evratesil starts to take shape

The Armenian Public Television will launch ‘Depi Evratesil’, the ambitious Armenian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, in the autumn. Every week, the TV viewers will have the chance to follow the competitors’ race to Eurovision.
The jury in charge of guiding and judging the contestants through their journey will be composed of the Armenian representative at Eurovision 2016 Iveta Mukuchyan; the 2014 representative, Aram MP3; the 2007 representative, Hayko; the 2009 representatives, Inga and Anush Arshakyan, and one of the members from Genealogy along with Inga, Essaï Altounian.
The competition will consist of four stages and will last for about three months. The winner -who will be determined by jury and SMS voting- will be given the chance to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Ukraine.
The registration process for the competition is open until August 25th. Armenian citizens and Armenian heritage artists living abroad can participate by filling the application form HERE.

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