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Jon Ola Sand explains the delay in the host city announcement

In the middle of the chaos of the host city choosing process, Jon Ola Sand; Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest has stated that the delay in the announcement is because “Everything has to be scrutinized ”
He added that “It’s not the case of talking to the city one or twice. You need to sit down and negotiate down to the smallest detail” and that the main issue is the arena. According to him Ukraine “didn’t have any arena reasy to host the contest”
Ukraine is facing several critics because of the way that the selection process is happening. Dnipro’s Mayor was very mad and he let everyone know onย  Facebook by defining the process as “shame and shame”. Same with Kyiv’s Mayor, who said that “this delay would affect the contest itself”.
Ukraine’s Vicepresident stated that the host city would probably be announced on September.

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