escXtra’s Ultimate Wake Up song

Eurovision fans use Eurovision music in all kinds of situations, and waking up in the morning is no exception. In this week’s chapter of “escXtra’s Ultimate” series we give you our top picks for Eurovision entries to wake up to.
If there is one Eurovision song I would choose to wake up to is ‘Je Ne Sais. Quoi’. Waking up to a slow song can be a risky thing considering there is a chance to fall asleep again. That’s why this disco hit will not only wake you up instantly but also in a good mood.

As I become grumpy and moody whenever I hear something cheerful and energetic in the morning, I rather need a calm and relaxing song to wake me up. The Common Linnets’ ”Calm after the storm” is perfect to do that. It might not get me to jump up right away, but instead it makes me cuddle up in bed again for a little while and then slowly ease into the day. And that is exactly the right way for me to wake up and to guarantee an ungrumpy and unmoody morning.

It pisses people of immensely in this house, but my ultimate wake-up song is Hard Rock Hallelujah. Those first notes get me awake straight away and make me ready for the day. It’s surely a song to wake people up. At six in the morning.

So my ultimate wake up song is Hear Them Calling by the Queen of Iceland: Greta Salome (I mean Wivian, hahaha!) I find it really gets me into the mood, and it’s not something very “agressive”, since when I wake up I’m a bit pissed with the world… Also it has a great message, ignore the bad voices and listen to the positive ones!

My wake up song is Qele Qele (Armenia 08) basically because it never fails to lift my spirits even at 6.00 on a Monday morning!

I dont turn on music as soon as I wake up, I only dtart listening in the car on the way to work. And some morning to become more awake I need a good, cheerful song to get me going. And for that, my favorite from this year, “If love was a crime”, is perfect.

When you think of a wake up song (or alarm clock), you don’t want it to be a shocker straight from the get go. So then song I’ve chosen is from this year and it’s Justs’ “Heartbeat”. It’s slowly building up, so you still have time to snooze for 1,5mins and towards the end it’s time for feeling your heartbeat! Good morning!

Andorra 07! Who doesn’t want to wake up to that guitar led intro?

My ultimate wake up song is definitely my favourite Eurovision song of all times, Goodbye To Yesterday (Estonia 2015). It might not be upbeat enough for some people to wake up, but since it makes me want to sing along every single time I listen to it, it’s perfect for getting me out of bed in the morning. And besides, isn’t waking up at 6 am the best when you do it with a song which begins with a lyric saying “I woke up at 6 am” (later followed by Stig telling you he didn’t want to wake you up)?

My ultimate Eurovision ‘Wake Up’ is Charlotte Perelli’s ‘Hero’. It starts off slow, and just as an alarm I’m not about to get out of bed just yet but as soon as the chorus and upbeat part gets going BAM, I’m up and ready to get going. The song focuses on positivity which is just what you need when starting a brand new day and love and who doesn’t like music about love. PLUS it’s schlager, and I cannot deny my love for some classic schlager.

Sergey Lazarev’s “You are the only one”. As my wedding is in 1 week, this is the first song that comes to my mind right now, besides a very typical one 😉

My (current) ultimate Eurovision Wake Up song is Páll Óskar‘s „Minn hinsti dans“. I love the way is starts off really gently, to make the transition from asleep to (semi) awake as painess as possible, and then builds into a full blown dance track that never fails to make me smile! No matter what the rest of the day brings, at least I‘ve had a good beginning to it! (Besides, the fact that it’s in Icelandic kinda tricks me into believing I’m still on my rock…if only for a moment…)

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