Justs Releases “Have It All” Video

Today, Justs released the music video for his song “Have It All”. “Have It All” is a slower, more emotional song than his Eurovision 2016 entry for Latvia – “Heartbeat” – while still displaying his powerful vocals.
The video makes dramatic use of colour in a similar way to the music video for “Heartbeat”. However, this video has tones of blue and green as well as the trademark red. The video shows Justs in a phone box steadily rising with water, the girl he is on the phone to, and Justs walking away from the ocean. Although the song may be slow, the music video is intense. Also, Justs wrote the music and lyrics for the song.
Justs represented Latvia this year in Stockholm with the song “Heartbeat” – written by Aminata Savadogo, Latvia’s 2015 representative. Aminata finished in 6th place in the grand final while Justs finished in 15th place. These places are even more impressive when you consider that the last time Latvia was in the final was in 2008 with “Wolves of the Sea”. This is credited mainly due to their strong performances, Aminata’s songwriting skills, and Latvia’s new national selection introduced in 2015 – “Supernova”.

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