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Switzerland opens submission period for Eurovision 2017

The Swiss public broadcasters have opened the submission period for the country’s national selection process, starting as of today September 26th until October 24th.

One of the main changes in the selection process is that the entries won’t be received by the TV stations individually, but the broadcasters will run the submission process together. Until this year SRF, RSI, RTS, and RTR each provided a certain number of contestants to the final, this year it does not matter from which part of the country a song is submitted. Another major change is that all songs willing to compete must have at least one Swiss member in their team, it can be a composer or a lyricist, but the entry must have a personal tie to the country.

A jury of experts will be in charge of choosing 20 songs from all of the submitted ones, those picked by the professional panel will go through to the live auditions that will take place on December 4th. The live auditions will be used to evaluate how the artists can perform their entries on stage, and only about 6 to 10 songs will make it to the final which will take place on February 5th.  The winner will be exclusively chosen by the televoters.

This year Switzerland was represented by the Swiss Canadian singer Rykka, who performed the song ‘The Last Of Our Kind’, which didn’t make it to the final.

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