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We have asked the question “What do Eurovision singers do after Eurovision?” a few times, and the answer is always a new one. In Norway, quite a few of them have taken part in the tv-show Battle of the stars, which is NRK’s hunt for Norway’s ultimate entertainer.
In their attempt at winning the title, the artists, who are all fairly well known in Norway, have to perform songs in different musical genres, one genre every week. A combination of televote and jury decides which singer has to leave the show each week, and the winner is “the last man standing”.
The show is now in its fifth season, and the huge favorite to win this year is none other than Knut Anders Sørum, who represented Norway in the 2004 Eurovision in Istanbul with the ballad “High”. Back then most people agreed that he had a wonderful voice, but the song, the staging and the styling could have been better.

But before we take a closer look at Knut Anders and the other participants of this year’s edition, let’s just quickly see what happened in the first four editions. The only season not to be won by a former Eurovision/Melodi Grand Prix participant was the first edition in 2012, when Rita Eriksen won. Among others she beat Tor Endresen (0 points in ESC97, 12 times MGP participant) and Jenny Jensen (MGP07).
Season 2 was won by Silya Nymoen, who is better known as one of the hosts of MGP13-16. She also participated in MGP12. To secure the title she had to beat, among others, Elisabet Andreassen (ESC82, 85, 94, 96 and 12 times MF/MGP participant), Agnete Johnsen (ESC16), Helene Bøksle (MGP2011) and Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby (MGP2013).

Image: nrk.no
Image: nrk.no
In 2014, Nora Foss Al-Jabri, who finished second in the 2012 MGP, behind Tooji, won, defeating no less than six former MGP participants, including Anita Skorgan, who represented Norway in Eurovision on four occasions, in 77, 79, 82 and 83. The other five MGP singers she beat on the way to victory were Raylee (2015), Reidun Sæter (2012), Jørn Hoel (1986), Lars Erik Blokhus (lead singer of Plumbo, 2012) and Mo (2014).
Last year’s edition was won by none other than Maria Haukaas Mittet, who represented Norway in 2008 in Belgrade, finishing 5th with Hold On, Be Strong. She beat voices like Trine Rein (MGP2006/07), Øystein Wiik (MGP 1987/96 and Tommy Fredvang (MGP2012).

But now, lets get back to the current edition. Thre were only two Eurovision artists in this year’s line up; Knut Anders and Kate Gulbrandsen (ESC1987, MGP1989), but she finished last in the third program, where the genre was Motown. Here is her version of I Want You Back.

Knut Anders has placed close to the top in every program so far, and last week he was everyone’s favorite when the remaining atists had to sing OPERA! After about an hour and a half of coaching by a professional opera singer, he gave this performance of “Nessun Dorma”.

Here you can hear his other performances.
Norwegian rock:




There are now five artists left in the running, and we will keep you up to date on what happens in the next four shows, or until Knut Anders is “sent home”… We’re keeping our fingers crossed that he will be the last man standing!

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