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SMRTV to present their entry on Saturday?

We might be in for an extremely early kick-off to the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 season. Recent reports say that San Marino might already be ready to reveal their entry for Kyiv on Saturday. Yes, this Saturday!
This strong rumour comes as a surprise. Up until today, we didn’t even know whether San Marino had even confirmed participation in Ukraine. Today’s reports surfaced after SMRTV paid attention to an article from Wiwibloggs, in which they list thirteen reasons why they want Serhat to return to the Eurovision Song Contest.
That has also led to the rumour that San Marino could try the same formula they tried last year. Quite literally: Rumour has it that they might actually be lining up Serhat for the 2017 contest once more. Serhat also represented San Marino in the 2016 contest in Stockholm, with his song I Didn’t Know, a song he changed from a slow and remarkable ballad to its disco version for Eurovision. After Eurovision, Serhat has appeared on several shows in Germany, with both his Eurovision song, as well as a previous single, Je M’Adore.
It has to be noted that SMRTV’s Head of Delegation, Alessandro Capicchioni, refuses to comment on the rumours. He has stated that nor the reveal nor the Sammarinese participation are even confirmed.
Let’s relive Serhat’s 2016 effort below!

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