Greta Salome sings Seven Nations Army!

Greta Salome sings Seven Nations Army Greta Salóme, who represented Iceland at Eurovision in 2012 and 2016, was recently challenged by her fans to record her own version of the song Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. She was only allowed to use her voice and her violin. As you might remember from her song “Never Forget”, she is quite skillful with her violin.
Greta accepted the challenge and did a beautiful cover using different techniques on her violin to make it sound like drums, chords and all other instruments. Following is the video, where she shows off her great talents. And she even does a rapping part, which is not something she is used to doing.

As we reported earlier this month Greta Salome will be would be warming up for Jess Stones on 30.10 at Harpa.
Greta also released a new song in August, called “ROW”.

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